Learning ASL Online

The Topics page is a tool for you, the American Sign Language learner. Use this as a beneficial resource to find different subjects to discuss and practice. Refer to this with your Deaf ASL Ambassador during your live SignOn sessions.

All of these posts have been written by SignOn’s Deaf ASL Ambassadors to help facilitate your American Sign Language learning experience. Therefore you will find different talking points. On several different topics such as weather, travel, time, sports, school, religion, numbers, locations, introductions and food.

Each of these topic pages will go into detail and explain different ways that you can practice American Sign Language. To benefit yourself and your personal learning experience. Some of the subject matter will also provide helpful learning games. You can play with SignOn’s Deaf ASL Ambassadors during your live SignOn sessions.

ASL Topics

Each of these topic pages has an additional list of words that you can look up, learn, and practice. These pages will also give you numerous beneficial tips and tricks on different ways you can use American Sign Language in your daily life.

Some of our pages will also provide some of the basic do’s and don’ts of American Sign Language. Therefore you can use these to help avoid any potential miscommunication with others.

Learning the suggested words under each topic can help. As well as add more dimension to your learning ASL online. This can help keep your early conversations from sounding too scripted.

These topic pages can be used to provide relevant context on how you can communicate more effectively and efficiently with the Deaf Community. We hope that this is a helpful tool for you, the American Sign Language Learner, to use both in your live SignOn sessions and in your day to day life.