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    You have now learned many different signs regarding school subjects and things used in school. But how do you practice this in a conversation with others?

    * Have a conversation about school topics such as:

    • Did you go to a Public High School or a Private High School?
    • Who was your favorite teacher? Why?
    • What was your favorite subject in Elementary/ Middle/ High School?
    • What was your least favorite subject in Elementary/ Middle/ High School?
    • Are you going to go to College full-time?
    • What is your Major?
    • What is your Minor?
    • What do you plan to do after Graduation?
    • Where is your dream school?
    • Give me directions to where you parked your car/your bus stop. (location classifier practice - down the hall, stairs/elevator, out what door, etc).
    • How many classes are you taking this semester?

    * If you're in a classroom now, play "I spy" with a classmate and describe, or use Classifiers to describe, different equipment and objects around the classroom, or campus for the other to guess (and sign the answer).

    * Find a kid's storybook from the library about school, such as "Biscuit Goes to School" and sign it to yourself or your children. (Don't forget you can do this with every topic you're learning).

    Now here's some vocabulary to practice:


    Kindergarten, Elementary, High School, College, University, Public school, Private school, Deaf Institute.


    Paper, Pen, Pencil, Color Pencils, Crayons, Book, Binder, Computer, Laptop, Projector, Black/White/Smart Boards, Desk, Ruler, Eraser, Chair, Hole Punch, Backpack, Book Bag


    English, Math, Reading, Science, Gym, Shop (Wood, Welding, Auto-body), French, Spanish, Home Ec (do they even have those anymore?), Art, Music, Computers

    Parts of School:

    Classroom, Cafeteria, Library, Dorm, Principals office, Main/Front office, Counselor office, Bathroom, Change room (for Gym), Gym, Football Field, Stadium, Walkway, Hallway, Parking lot, Stairs, Lockers

    Other words:

    Semester, Practice, Curriculum, Syllabus, Homework, Exam/Test, Grade, Pass, Fail, Teacher, Tutor, Student, Copy, Lecture, Presentation, Movie/Video, Study, Learn.