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Are you raising a deaf child?

Did you know that ASDC is now offering give, 30-minute ASL sessions with Deaf Adult role models to 500 families like yours?
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The American Society for Deaf Children recognizes the importance of Deaf adult language models in the lives of families raising deaf children. Fewer than 25 Deaf Mentor programs currently exist to serve families in the United States. Considering, one in one-thousand babies are born deaf, and 92% of those babies are born to hearing parents, most hearing families do not experience what we see as crucial interactions with Deaf adults.

For a $35 membership fee, families can benefit from all of the amazing resources offered by the ASDC. In hopes of bridging that gap and using technology to reach beyond traditional Deaf mentoring methods, ASDC is offering five, 30-minute SignOn sessions (a $125 value) to the first 500 ASDC Member Families who request codes.

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