How Does It Work?



  2. Create a username and password, and fill out profile information.
  3. Purchase sessions using a credit card.

How much does
SignOn cost?

One 30-minute session costs: $25

Two 30-minute sessions cost: $45

Five 30-minute sessions cost: $100

If you have any questions regarding purchases, please contact:



Use our One-Click Automatic Scheduling System.

Our system randomly assign learners to one of our 30+Deaf ASL Ambassadors. SignOn is available from 8am EST till 10pm EST, 7 days a week.

Where can SignOn
be used?

SignOn can be used anywhere that has a solid high speed internet connection with video/camera capabilities. The space should lend itself to study (i.e. library, coffee shop, school, etc.)

Baker College


Log into your profile on your designated day and time and click JOIN.

  • Practice anything from basic vocabulary to daily conversations.
  • All sessions are recorded and archived for personal review.
  • Connect. Practice. Retain.

After each SignOn session:

The Deaf ASL Ambassador will assess each learner for the following:

  • Sign Production, Quality, and Clarity
  • Facial expressions
  • ASL Structure
  • Vocabulary Knowledge
  • How nervous was the ASL Learner
  • Additional comments for the Learner