(1) 30 minute sessions for $27
(2) 30 minute sessions for $50 (Only $25 per session)
(5) 30 minute sessions for $110 (Only $22 per session)

How Does It Work?

1: Register

Create a username and password, and fill out profile information.

Purchase sessions using a credit card.

2: Schedule

Use our One-Click Automatic Scheduling System.

Our system randomly assign learners to one of our 30+Deaf ASL Ambassadors. SignOn is available from 8am EST till 10pm EST, 7 days a week.

3: Connect

Log into your profile on your designated day and time and click JOIN.

Practice anything from basic vocabulary to daily conversations.

All sessions are recorded and archived for personal review.

Connect. Practice. Retain.

How much does SignOn cost?

One 30-minute session costs: $27

Two 30-minute sessions cost: $50

Five 30-minute sessions cost: $110

If you have any questions regarding purchases, please contact:

Where can SignOn be used?

SignOn can be used anywhere that has a solid high speed internet connection with video/camera capabilities. The space should lend itself to study (i.e. library, coffee shop, school, etc.)

After each SignOn session:

The Deaf ASL Ambassador will assess each learner for the following:

  • Sign Production, Quality, and Clarity
  • Facial expressions
  • ASL Structure
  • Vocabulary Knowledge
  • How nervous was the ASL Learner
  • Additional comments for the Learner