Suitcase on luggage conveyor belt in the baggage claim at airport


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    Some people love traveling, some can only dream of doing it, and still others won't dare to travel far distances. Whatever their story is, it's sure to make for an interesting conversations.

    Don't forget while you are traveling (across the state, across the country, or even across the pond), that there's going to be regional differences in signs. The best advice is to "Do what the Romans do" and adapt their signs for the area for the duration of your stay. Do not be adamant and insist you learned it this way - that's one sure way of bristling the natives.

    Let's try some conversational questions to practice with a partner:

    • Where's the farthest place you've been to?
    • Where's your favorite vacation spot?
    • What did you do on your last vacation?
    • Do you prefer to travel alone, with a partner, or a group?
    • Have you ever been lost while travelling?
    • Where would you like to visit?
    • What 5 things you always bring on a trip?
    • Where would you never visit? Why?

    Now let's try some questions to ask the local Deaf while on your travels:

    • Where's the best place to eat?
    • What do you suggest for sightseeing?
    • Can we visit a Deaf event here?
    • How is Disability treated here? Accessibility?
    • Where should we avoid going?
    • What's the best place for shopping?

    Transportation Vocabulary:

    Airplane, Bike, Boat, Bus, Cab, Camper, Car, Convertible, Cruise ship, Ferry, Helicopter, Houseboat, Jeep, Jet, Limousine, Minivan, Monorail, Moped, Motorcycle, Paddle Wheeler, Pickup Truck, Railroad, RV, Sailboat, Scooter, Segway, Semi, Ship, Shuttle, Subway, SUV, Taxi, Trailer, Train, Truck, Van, Vespa, Yacht

    Travel Vocabulary:

    Airport, Amusement Park, Arrive, Backpack, Baggage, Beach, Bicycle, Camera, Campground, Camping, Currency, Customs, Depart, Designation, Drive, Explore, Flight, Fly, Foreign, Guide, Highway, Hike, Hotel, Island, Itinerary, Lake, Luggage, Map, Money, Motel, Mountains, Museum, National Park, Ocean, Outdoors, Pack, Passport, Photos, Photograph, Plane, Port, Postcard, Recreation, Relax, Reservation, Rest, Restaurant, Return, Room, Sail, Scenery, Schedule, Sightseeing, Souvenir, Station, Stay, Swim, Tent, Ticket, Tour, Trail, Translate, Trip, Unpack, Vacation, Video, Visit, Walk, Wander, Waterfall, Waterpark, Zoo