Mountains in summer sunny day with blue sky and white clouds


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    Lots to talk about regarding the weather, but this topic also has many sign variations due to the different regions.

    There's also a lot of variation in the emphasis of weather signs, for example RAIN (slow and straight down), POURING (signed faster and "harder") & RAINING LIKE CATS AND DOGS (signed diagonally hard and puffed mouth NMM).

    Some conversation starters:

    • What's your favorite season & why?
    • What's the worse situation you've been in? What happened?
    • Where was the hottest place you've been to?
    • What's your favorite winter activity?
    • What are the natural weather patterns of the United States? (California - earthquakes, Midwest - Tornadoes, etc.)
    • If you had to choose a natural disaster to go through, what would it be?
    • Do you prefer hot or cold?
    • How much rain/snow does your hometown get annually?

    Weather Vocabulary:

    Air, Advisory, Avalanche, Autumn, Blizzard, Breeze, Calm, Climate, Cloud, Cold, Cool, Degree, Downpour, Dry, Earth, Earthquake, Eclipse, Emergency, Fair, Fall, Fire, Flood, Fog, Forecast, Freeze, Global Warming, Hail, Haze, Heat, Heavy, High, Hot, Humid, Hurricane, Ice, Icicle, Light, Lightning, Low, Mist, Moisture, Moon, Normal, Pollution, Prediction, Pressure, Rain, Rainbow, Report, Season, Sky, Sleet, Smog, Snow, Spring, Stars, Storm, Strong, Summer, Sun, Temperature, Tidal Wave, Thaw, Thunder, Thunderstorm, Tornado, Tropical, Typhoon, Warm, Warning, Weak, Weather, Weatherman, Wet, Wind, Winter