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In general, most body parts are just pointed to or fingerspelled. For the major body parts here are some tips to remember how to sign them:

HEAD - With a Bent B hand touch the upper part of your head (at the temple) and then move down to touch near your chin.

FACE - CL: 5 circles in front of your face. Alternative sign is to circle your index finger in a circle in front of your face.

ARM - The dominant flat hand shows the length of the non-dominant arm. The tips of your fingers brush along your non-dominant arm (from the lower bicep to the wrist).

HANDS - This sign looks as if you are cutting off your hands at the wrists. Use the outer edge of the right b hand to "slice off" the left hand. Then use the left b-hand to slice off the right hand.

BODY - Touch your hands to the top of your torso, then move your hands to the lower part of your torso. Alternative sign is a one handed version in the middle of the chest to torso.

LEG - Similar to the sign PANTS but only do one "leg".

  1. Now let's start some conversations:

  • How do you take care of your Body/Health?
  • Do you think you are Healthy?
  • Ever broken a bone before? How?
  • How many times you've been in a hospital?
  • Do you have a scar? Where? From what?
  • Do you bruise easily?
  • Do you have tattoos? Where?
  • Are you an organ donor? Why/Why not?

Now, make this extra challenging and only answer the above questions in descriptions instead of pointing. For example, you have a tattoo on your calf - use classifiers and signs to describe where it is on your body instead of pointing to your calf.

  1. Body Vocabulary:

Abdomen, Ankle, Arm, Back, Bone, Brain, Cheek, Chest, Chin, Ear, Elbow, Eye, Eyebrow, Face, Feet, Finger, Foot, Forehead, Hair, Hand, Head, Heart, Heel, Hip, Intestines, Jaw, Kidney, Knee, Leg, Lip, Liver, Lungs, Mouth, Muscle, Nail, Navel, Nerves, Nose, Organs, Palm, Ribs, Scalp, Shin, Shoulder, Skeleton, Skin, Skull, Spine, Stomach, Teeth, Thigh, Throat, Thumb, Toe, Tooth, Torso, Vein, Waist, Wrist,

  1. Related Vocabulary:

Admittance, Accident, Ache, Allergy, Ambulance, Anatomy, Appointment, Bandage, Birth, Blood, Blood Pressure, Braces, Breathe, Broken, Bruise, Burn, Cancer, Care, Cast, Clinic, Contagious, Cough, Counsel, Cut, Death, Diabetes, Diagnose, Diet, Disease, Doctor, Drug, Emergency, Emergency Room, Exam, Exercise, Faint, Fall, Fever, First Aid, Flu, Fracture, Headache, Heal, Healthy, Ill, Illness, Immune System, Infection, Inflammation, Injury, Intensive Care, Medic, Medical, Medicine, Needle, Nerves, Nurse, Nutrition, Operate, Pain, Patient, Physical, Physical Therapy, Pill, Prescription, Pulse, Rash, Reaction, Recover, Recovery, Runny Nose, Scan, Seizure, Shock, Sick, Sore, Specialist, Stitches, Stomach Ache, Surgery, Survive, Swollen, Symptoms, Temperature, Test, Therapy, Transfusion, Treat, Treatment, Tumor, Ultrasound, Vaccination, Virus, Vitamins, Vomit, Weak, Weight, Wheelchair, Wound, X-Ray