Benefits of Learning ASL

There have been many reasons people have given for learning ASL:

  • Friend/Relative is Deaf

  • Want to learn for work

  • Fulfilling a “second language” requirement for school

  • It’s a cool language

Besides being a “cool language”, there’s many benefits to learning ASL.

  1. Improves Brain Functioning

Scientists have proven that learning and knowing a second language actually makes you smarter! You’ll have better memory and improve at multitasking and decision-making. It’s also been proven that it staves off Alzheimer’s and dementia, so why not learn ASL and enjoy our golden years later on too.

  1. You’re More Aware

As you learn this visual language, you’ll notice your surroundings more. You’ll notice people waving or gesturing thinking someone’s signing. Your peripheral vision becomes heightened, which helps in driving, spotting trouble, and just enjoying the view.

  1. Helps in Your Career

Knowing a second (or more) language doesn’t just look good on a resume, it will help with any potential Deaf people you come across. Whether you’re a waitress, doctor, or sales clerk – knowing ASL will boon your business’s reputation among the Deaf community. Deaf people will usually tell other Deaf people when they’ve met someone who knows ASL. “Met person at Lowe’s knows ASL”.

  1. Helps While Travelling

Whether you travel for work or pleasure, sometimes communicating with foreign speakers can get frustrating. Knowing ASL helps with visual expressions, iconic gesturing, and reading body language. So instead of yelling louder and slower (as is the habit), you can gesture and mime eating off a plate and do the “WHAT” sign with your shoulders raised.

  1. The Obvious Benefit

Check out our infographic for the obvious benefits
You get to meet so many Deaf people! Get involved in an unique culture full of visual stories, humor, poetry, and so on.What great benefits! So even though you may struggle learning ASL now – it’ll pay off in so any ways down the road.