ASL In the Press

This is a page where you, the American Sign Language learner, can stay up to date on everything that SignOn currently is and has been involved with over the past few years. SignOn is excited and proud to share our achievements and successes, along with news articles, videos and links with you.

This page will be updated regularly since more articles, posts, news stories, and informational pieces are being written about SignOn. Feel free to scroll through and learn more about what others have written about us. At SignOn, we believe our experiences are important for us to learn and draw from. We believe it is important for you to stay up to date on current events.

This page will update you on ASL In the Press and what SignOn has achieved in and with the hearing and Deaf Communities. Learning about the Deaf Community will help you improve your communication skills. Because it will provide you with richer background knowledge. These posts might even be something that you can use to discuss as a topic during a live SignOn session with your Deaf ASL Ambassador. Therefore your live SignOn sessions are the best place for you to practice your conversational skills. In a comfortable, safe and judgement-free environment.

If you have seen an article or post written about SignOn that we do not have on this page, please email us at, so we can add it.
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