5 Fun Games to Play in ASL

After all your hard work learning for classes and you've completed all your SignOn sessions, it's time for some fun!

Here are five fun games you can play in ASL:

  1. Telephone:

We all remember playing the telephone game as kids. This time do it in ASL! This really works your receptive skills. If you've never played this, it's a repetition game where the first person states a long sentence only to the person next to them, that person then repeats it to the third, and so on and on. Usually the first person's statement and the last person's statement end up being really different. Here's a Facebook video of a class playing Telephone.

  1. Fruit Salad Game:

This is a fun and active game. Have a group of chairs for the number of players minus one. Everyone gets assigned a fruit - apple, orange, banana. The person without a chair stands in the middle and signs "Who is (name of fruit)". Those who are assigned that fruit must stand and they, along with the first signer, must try and steal an available seat. The person remaining now gets to ask the question.

  1. Handshape Card Game:

This is great for signers of all levels and ages. The handshape game is a group of cards that has a different handshape on each one. The players are divided into different groups and a card is picked and the players in each group must write down as many words using that handshape. The group with the most signs listed wins the round. The game is available here.

  1. Elephant Game:

This is a unique and rapid game and helps improve hand-eye coordination too. Players (elephants) are in a circle and a caller is in the middle. The caller points to a player who must immediately form the elephant trunk by placing two S handshapes together in front of their nose. The two players on either side of the person then makes that person's elephant ears using the B or Open B handshapes, completing the arrangement. If no errors are made, then the caller picks a new person to become the elephant and the game continues. Any player that makes a mistake is out and the game continues until there's three elephant players left.

  1. Heads Up

You may have heard of this popular App (shown on the Ellen Show). But instead of shouting out your descriptions - sign them! This helps the other person's receptive skills as well. Download the App and have fun signing.